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Commercial Locksmith

Locksmith Redwood City has been working for commercial buildings such as offices, schools, universities, hotels, industries, warehouses, etc.

Lock Installation

If you need lock installation for the main gate or the door inside your office or workplace, let us know. We will make sure to install the lock that works the best for your commercial facility. If you need a card reader lock, we can do that. If you need digital locks with a fingerprint scanner, we can do that as well. If you need a lock that can be opened with a key, for a storeroom or equipment room, we can install appropriate locks for that. We are experienced in installing all kinds of locks without any hassle.

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    Lock Replacement

    If the lock on your commercial place is not working, it might be as effective in providing utmost security. Locks that are old and have rusted from inside might not be locked properly. You might have a hard time closing or opening such locks. There is no need to continue to struggle with such locks when you can simply replace them. We at Locksmith Redwood City can replace any kind of lock in a commercial setting. We will ensure your doors are reinforced and there is no mark left behind that the lock has been changed.

    Getting Duplicate Keys

    If you need duplicate keys made for your employees, let us know. We make physical as well as digital duplicate keys. No matter what kind of locks you have in your commercial building, we can make duplicate keys for your employees or the cleaning staff.

    Rekeying Your locks

    If you need a lock to be rekeyed to secure it from unwanted entry, let us know. We can rekey your locks and the previous key won’t be able to open it. If you have lost your key or an ex-employee has the key, rekeying can help to prevent unwanted entry. We can also digitally alter the code in a digital key to change the setting on who gets entry inside the door.


    We can install high-security locks or padlocks for filing cabinets, safes or storage. When you need to store stuff you need no one to get a hand on those things except for the person who has the key. That is why our company provides lock installation and repair for safes in a commercial setting. We always stay updated on the latest lock and key technology.

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    We understand the need to have more advanced lock mechanisms in a commercial setting. Whether it is the quality of the lock or the locking mechanism itself, we can do both. We have been reinforcing the security system of commercial places to make them safer and efficient in employee movement.

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